Rangers make the world go round.

Well not quite but they certainly keep our parks and reserves in the best condition possible.  Not just here but around the world where they also play a vital role in protecting wildlife against the worst threats imaginable.  Today is World Ranger Day, a day to say thank you to all the rangers and to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those who literally put their lives on the line simply doing their job.

Every time you email CJS you are connected with our past and linking in with all countryside staff working today, our slightly unusual (for publishers that is) address of ranger@ is no accident.  It's what we were and sometime wish we still were: rangers.

So today we are virtual rangers standing with all the rangers, past, present and future, in solidarity working to protect the planet’s natural treasures and cultural heritage.

Will you join us?
Rangers and Countryside Staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland should join Countryside Management Association: www.countrysidemanagement.org.uk
For those in Scotland it's the Scottish Countryside Rangers Association: www.scra-online.co.uk  
Both organisations are also members of the International Rangers Federation: https://www.internationalrangers.org/
And if you want to help the rangers overseas who stand on the frontline to end wildlife crime and safeguard our future then please look at how you can help The Thin Green Line Foundation. https://thingreenline.org.au/
Linda Nunn, chairman of CMA outlined some of the simple ways you can help the Association in this article for a CJS Focus edition: Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.