The 2019 Year of Green Action - Connecting everybody with nature for its benefit and ours

As a conservation professional, you cannot fail to be aware of the catastrophic decline in habitats and species globally, the threat posed by climate change and the almost daily media messages that time is running out for us to save our planet. Man-made impacts on the environment have compromised or destroyed whole ecosystems and urgent action is needed by everyone to restore biodiversity and safeguard our future.

(Credit: Helen Ward)

In response to this, last year the government published its 25 year environment plan - part of the manifesto commitment to leave the environment in a better state than we inherited it. The plan identifies 10 goals to improve the environment within a generation, including clean air and water, thriving plants and wildlife, and healthy and productive seas.

The Government is playing a convening role in #YearOfGreenAction (YoGA), promoting good practice through case studies, drawing together local and national initiatives and facilitating visits by Ministers and YoGA ambassadors, and media amplification.

Through YoGA, we hope to encourage more people to take action to improve the environment, to connect with nature, protect and enhance it. A successful YoGA will stimulate individual and organisational behaviour change over the years to come, and bring everyone together to care for the planet that cares for us.

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