A few reasons why you should advertise with CJS - according to our advertisers.

We run surveys most years, alternating between advertisers and readers.  2018 was the turn of the advertisers.  The last results are finally in,  we've analysed what they said and here are the highlights.
28% of adverts were only advertised with CJS - which is very pleasing for us!
The number of applicants from all sources was less than similar post previously advertised for 21% of paid posts advertised and 42% of the voluntary roles.  However, the level of response to adverts with CJS was deemed higher than other sites and publications by 54% and 71% said the standard of applicants were higher from CJS than for adverts placed elsewhere.  96% of advertisers say it's very easy to place adverts with CJS and 97% were highly satisfied with the cost.  With numbers like that it's unsurprising that 98% would advertise again and 90% will or already have recommended CJS to colleagues.

We are aware that other publications and sites offer significantly greater audience numbers and share their adverts with other job aggregation websites.  CJS has always believed that a smaller but highly targeted audience is preferable and as it turns out so do our advertisers with 89% saying that CJS should remain highly targeted.

The best things about CJS are our customer service and friendliness (thank you!), that it's sector specific and offers good value for money.
We also asked about things to change, some were already in process like dividing up the adverts and updating the look of the website (coming soon…!) other suggestions have been added to the new website but you'll have to wait for the big reveal for those!
We've updated our media pack to show the results from this survey. Download your copy here (PDF)