British Wildlife Photography Awards: Botanical Britain category - sponsored by CJS.

CJS has been delighted to support and sponsor the Awards since they first launched.  We have been sponsoring the Botanical Britain category for many years.  This year it's been won by another wonderful image.

Kelp Bed at Dawn (Oarweed), Kingsgate Bay, Kent, Robert Canis
 We often forget the algae family when it comes to plants, they don’t comprise the expected root, stem and green leaves combination but are an intrinsic part of the eceosystem, especially in marine environments.
This lovely image is beautifully balanced with the water channel leading your eye through the photo to the sea and horizon beyond without distracting from either the main subject of the kelp itself or distorting the reflections on the milky water.  The kelp blades have not yet begun to dry out and the watery sheen on the blades reflects the sky and, if you look carefully, the photographer too!

Another watery image was highly commended by the judges, freshwater this time of a chalk stream, the image is half above and below the waterline giving the appearance of a split screen with both halves in perfect focus showing the green underwater foliage and above the surface the lovely white flowers of the water crowfoot which almost merge into the clouds in the clear blue sky above. Another highly commended image in our category is breath taking -  literally if you're a hay fever sufferer like me! - featuring a cloud of windblown pollen from a pine tree. A very simple composition but with incredible detail.
Congratulations to all the award winners but from CJS a special congratulations to the five winners of our category. 

Full list of winners in the Botanical Britain category
Winner: Robert Canis Kelp Bed at Dawn (Oarweed) Kingsgate Bay, Kent
Highly Commended
Charlotte Sams English Chalk Stream (Water crowfoot) Hampshire
Toby Houlton Windblown Pine Pollen (Scots pine) Highland
Daniel Trim The Sentinel (Fly orchid) Bedfordshire
Keith Trueman Sundew, Exmoor National Park, Devon