It's said that a gardener needs a hinge for a back.

I think that goes for most outdoor professions, from dry stone walling to running outdoor activities for pre-school children. Our ever changing, often wet, weather compounds the problem.  Spending all day in front of a computer is no better either, a well set up desk and regular breaks are essential.  You can help both alleviate current issues and prevent future problems by engaging in correct use of tools (indoor and out), learn to relax - stress is a major factor in lower back pain, when carrying heavy rucksacks make sure you carry the bag on both shoulders (guilty!) and employing all those techniques that health and safety keep telling you about and ignore (I know it takes longer but sometimes there's a reason for it!) things like learning how to move heavy weights, ensuring you never exceed the maximum for one person.  Take care of your back now and you might not need to worry about the theme of this year's BackCare Awareness Week:  Back pain in Older Adults
Back pain is one of the major disabling health conditions among older adults aged 60 years and older. Many causes of lower back pain are age-related with physical and psychosocial changes. There is a distinct lack of awareness, especially in older adults to the causes and effects of back pain and pain management.
The awareness week is organised by BackCare, previously the National Back Pain Association which for nearly 50 years has been dedicated to educating the public throughout the UK and wider further afield in ways of preventing and alleviating back pain. The charity aims to significantly reduce the burden of back & neck pain by providing information, guidance and advice to all people and organisations those affected by such pain.
They have a range of very useful information and a directory of qualified professionals to help, find out more.