Do you ever think your photos might be useful?

World Photo Day (was actually yesterday) is a global event that’s aspiring to create positive change in the world through photography. Globally, we’ve committed to working with organisations and individuals to raise awareness, and raise vital funds for the work they do in our communities.
“I believe that photography has the power to tell stories, inspire generations and create positive impact in the world” – Korske Ara (Founder, World Photo Day)

We all do it, snap photos, on phones, on cameras (yes, even those of us with big 'proper' jobs); but do you ever think about how your photos could be useful? Or even make a difference? If you're out and about and get a good shot of something on your site, whilst out walking, taking part in an event or of an unusual plant or bug there are many ways to make use of those snaps.  For example if you think it's an unusual species for that location there are lots of organisations who would love to have an 'official' record of your sighting and even if you're not entirely sure if it's a willow warbler or chiff chaff they'll have experts who can tell them apart. Have a look at our surveys section to see who is asking for records of sightings, a few even have their own dedicated app to help you with your identification and to make your recording even easier.  If you took that perfect shot of your children* gazing open mouthed as their newly made kites took to the air for the first time or the weary walkers returning from the day long guided walk might you be willing to share it with the organisers or the site?  Most groups are always looking for images to accompany their literature, press releases and social media updates.  All our quick snaps together could make a whole of world of difference, by confirming the presence of a rare species, inspiring people to take part in events, to care for greenspaces and nature - the possibilities are only limited by your imagination, not by your photography skills!

(but if you do want to brush your photography have a look at some of the courses being offered.)

* Only offer to hand over photos of your own children, don't give images of other people without checking with them first if they're happy for you to do so; this is especially important when it comes to children and vulnerable adults for lots of reasons, some of them legal ones, better safe than sorry.