Marine Mammal Rescue Day

Was declared last year by the Senate of the state California, the resolution was sponsored by State Senator Toni Atkins who said, “I am pleased to recognize today as Marine Mammal Rescue Day in honor of the important and tireless work of dozens of wildlife biologists, veterinarians and animal care specialists who rescue marine animals that wash ashore in distress, many near death."
It might be new and it may be from California but that doesn’t mean it isn't worth thinking about and perhaps adopting in the UK.  British marine rescue teams do a wonderful job, as shown by these two successful rescues by the British Divers Marine Life Rescue which we reported in December in last year. 

If you'd like to help with similar rescues there are some training courses specifically for identification and understanding of marine mammals, find details here.  

Unless you're trained and know what you're doing you shouldn't approach any marine mammal and remember seals have a vicious bite so watch from a distance until you're absolutely sure that help is required, BDMLR have an excellent resource page here and RSPCA has information on seals pups here