Ask CJS.

Ask CJS what?  Well anything countryside related really…

CJS has been running since 1994 and over the years we've accumulated a lot of knowledge and useful contacts which we're very happy to share with our readers.  If you've got a countryside query and don't know where to turn then ask us, we might not have the answer immediately to hand but chances are we will know who to ask or where to find the solution.
This is the place to ask those tricky questions about how to get a job in the countryside, what to do when you want to move on, which qualifications you should add to your CV, which professional organisation is the right one for you, where you can volunteer in your spare time... You ask it and we'll do our best to answer it!

Ask us anything from how to get started, about organisations offering placements, which additional skills and certification are required for specific job roles.  You'll find general information on our Helpful Hints page here.

How do you ask us?
You can tweet us problems use @CountrysideJobs and tag them #AskCJS
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Use the form online (here) for longer queries or ones you don't want out in the ether.