CJS Featured Charity 2018: The Vincent Wildlife Trust

Everyone who works within the countryside sector knows how important our charities are. That's one of the reasons why CJS offers free advertising in CJS Weekly, we'd much rather the charities spent their hard earned money (your generous donations) on actually conserving something than on splashy advertising. You're reading CJS, you don't need to be told how wonderful RSPB or your local Wildlife Trust is to make you want to work for them - you already know. CJS supports charities financially too and we've made it possible for you do so by adding a small donation to your subscription or when you get a job and no longer need your Weekly edition to donate the value of the remainder to our charities. 
Each year CJS choses one Featured Charity giving them the opportunity to highlight their cause and good works to CJS readers.  We try to select one of the smaller, perhaps less well known organisations.

CJS is delighted to welcome our new featured charity and for them to introduce themselves.

The Vincent Wildlife Trust
From the groundbreaking national surveys that documented the catastrophic decline in the otter and water vole populations in the 20th century, to the recent reintroduction of the pine marten to mid Wales, The Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT) has been at the forefront of mammal conservation in Britain and Ireland for over 40 years. The Trust was founded in 1975 by the late Vincent Weir, a philanthropist, naturalist and visionary. The Trust does not have a membership, but does have a strong ‘Friends of VWT’ supporters group and many loyal and totally indispensable volunteers.