5 December is International Volunteers Day.

Organised by the UN it's a day to say thanks to our volunteers and recognise all their hard work and the difference it makes.
Find out about this day here.
Here in the UK we have a lively, active community of volunteers, from 'clicktavists' (online activists and petition signers) to full time unpaid workers in all sectors. In the countryside sector our volunteers give hundreds of thousands of hours of unpaid work making the difference between doing only what's absolutely essential to being able to run those schemes that really have a positive impact. Read about some of the amazing things our volunteers have achieved in the CJS In Depth section here. If your volunteers need a boost there are some articles about how to keep a happy crew, how to recruit and what to do to say thank you. Perhaps the day or the stories will make you want to get involved - check out the short and occasional voluntary roles here or for a larger commitment see what's available by clicking here.