Now published: CJS Focus on Forestry & Arboriculture in association with the Ancient Tree Forum

18 pages in total the lead article from Ancient Tree Forum discusses veteran trees: their importance and management and how best we can conserve them in to the future. Forest Research has provided an update on tree health and informs us of some of the new diseases detected in Britain recently. Orchard decline has been a real problem over the last few decades but thanks to the increase in community orchards, they are having a renaissance. PTES talk about the orchard habitat and how important it is to so many creatures. Tree Council was asked by Defra in 2014 to investigate non-woodland ash numbers and the potential impacts that may occur as a result of the spread of Ash Dieback. Find out some of the facts. Managing ancient woodland and how that differs to managing other woodland, an article from Woodland Trust. Royal Forestry Society describes how education & learning are key to building your career. Dr James Walmsley at Bangor University talks through the differences between working in forestry to working in arboriculture. And we round off nicely with a ‘Day in the Life of’ Amelia Williams, Tree Officer for Test Valley Borough Council. Read it here