CJS has a snow day!

It's a little bit white out there....

Looking back to the gate from the main office door

And the snowploughs seems to have forgotten us

Bus stop looking back to Whitby

Bus stop looking towards Pickering
This is the main road through Goathland, and it's snowed a bit more since then.
The brave, dedicated CJS Team tried to get across the moors to the village
Carla got as far as the Goathland Junction on the Whitby-Pickering road before the police turned her back and Katie heading from the other direction as far as the Hole of Horcum from Pickering.  Amy's at home with children as the school is closed so it leaves just little old me keeping the office going and The Pig (wood stove) stoked.

Someone who is enjoying the weather is office pup Flora - it's her first meeting with snow.

What fun!

I love snow!!