Odd one out....

Can you pick the odd one out?
  • Flying Shepherd
  • Project Officer: Santa
  • Cuckoo Nestbox Officer

Believe it or not all of them have appeared in CJS over the years but the odd one out is, of course, the Cuckoo Nestbox Officer which was Niall's April fool job one year and you'd be surprised how many people wanted more information, obviously anyone thinking a cuckoo needed a nestbox was entirely unsuitable for the post and it remains unfilled. However, the others are genuine, the Flying Shepherd was a Wildlife Trust conservation grazing officer needed to oversee the movement of a flock of rare breed sheep between areas of unimproved grassland managed for its flora and to ensure their care and welfare at all time and did not, as we'd hoped, come with a company helicopter. Groundwork South are advertising for the Project Officer: Santa in today's edition of CJS Weekly, it's a seasonal post at Goblin Coombe working in the woodland grotto - yes as Santa (in conjunction with the project team of elves!). The job description is a work of art see it here we've not enjoyed reading a job in quite a while; however, sub-ed TB struggled to bring it down to a standard linage for the Weekly and by page five she was beginning to mutter "bah humbug, humbug"!