A sign of the changing times.

I've just had to carry out a sad task.
I have deleted the NATUR logo and information from our website and literature.  Not because we've fallen out but because, unfortunately, to all intents and purposes NATUR no longer exists.
When one of the few remaining officers informed us of its demise she said "NATUR does still exist as an entity, just, but is pretty much completely dormant at the moment. I think it’s likely that it will wind up completely in the near future. Unfortunately, without any funding support, it’s proved impossible to keep going with volunteer effort alone. Despite the best of intentions, everyone seems to be under so much pressure these days and unable to spare the time from their day jobs. 
Thank you for all your support for NATUR in the past and we wish CJS all the best for the future."
We totally understand the difficulties of keeping an organisation going by dint of volunteer effort alone, it's hard enough keeping our local village hall afloat so trying to do the same for a wide ranging, more geographically diverse organisation is that much harder.
We hope that NATUR can rise from the ashes and will be here to help all we can if that happens.  In the meantime we return their sentiments and wish them all the best for the future.