World Ranger Day

For National Parks Week we're talking about the importance of National Parks, some of the conflicts faced and in particular the threats facing our very own North York Moors National Park.
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So this week we've been talking National Parks.
What they are, what they do, even where they are and of course how wonderful they are.
But what about the people that make them tick! That keep them the special places we've been celebrating.  There's a vast array of staff from Education Officers through Ecologists to the admin staff.  But there's one profession that is intrinsically linked with managing the Landscapes of Plenty - the Ranger, of course (where CJS began too).

Today is World Ranger Day.

It is a day to celebrate the work of rangers across the world protecting the world's natural and cultural treasures but also to commemorates rangers killed or injured in the line of duty. 

So be thankful for the work done by rangers to look after all of our natural heritage not just in the National Parks. And if you're a ranger be thankful greatest danger is being last in line at the tea urn! (We'll pretend you didn't just have a run in with a person on the reserve about the latest signs, parking fees, planning, dog poo, hedge cutting...)

It is overseen by the International Ranger Federation and promoted by the 63 member associations of the federation.  Find out more here.

If you work in countryside management then you really should think about joining your country's association, in Scotland that's the Scottish Countryside Rangers Association (SCRA) and for England and Wales it's the Countryside Management Association (CMA) both organisations endorse CJS.