That didn't last long then

The Easter lull would appear to be over, back to busy.  Lots of news, plenty of ads and loads of volunteer placements advertised this week.  We're shuffling work schedules in the office to cover the additional work and so far so good but to make things easier a new computer and work station has been ordered to be installed a week or so which should make the hot-desking situation slightly cooler.
Glorious sunshine this afternoon and we have the windows open.  Spring is well and truly here although AW's mum-in-law can't wait for summer to arrive they now have 11 'pet lambs'.  HB's pups are finding the lambs in the village fascinating - they're collie x springer so it's only to be expected.
With the exception of the swifts our summer migrants are all here the cuckoo being the most recent arrival cuckooing away every morning since Monday.  This morning the lords-and-ladies flowers, in the hedge bottom, had opened for the first time.
the latest Weekly edition has gone to press and is 19 pages this week including the updates on the fieldwork, surveys and citizen science listings posted over the past month, plus the usual job ads, 40 for paid posts and 19 for volunteers.
We are here on Monday, working shorter hours than usual with the last online update being at 3 instead of 4.