SOS send more biscuits....

We just knew it wasn't going to go well, new and improved?  Bah.

Wednesday morning the website was visible but we had no emails and none of our online submission forms would work (neither would lots of other back room stuff you don't need to know about).  Our everso helpful webhosts tried to blame everyone else and when they said that google 'must not be working today' and then proceeded to try to email us the error message that they had received (urm, we have no email?) well that was it.  We tried routing emails via a different website, rewriting the submission form pages which on Wednesday did seem to sort of work. Thursday morning and we kept plugging on however, by midmorning we'd had enough and decided to move the website (and our others, such as, too), emails, support and admin from the 'helpful' hosts to another company offering better service, and more local to us too. By mid afternoon coffee break it had all moved and we were just waiting for the internet to catch up. Friday morning presented a new problem, there appears to be a conflict between the two locations and our IT expert says it can take up to 48 hours for the new address to filter through.

Despite the series of disasters we have managed to put together this week's CJS Weekly which is being posted online (even if you can't access it yet!) there are 17 pages in today's edition with 63 adverts for paid posts, 33 of which are direct to CJS there are also 6 for voluntary roles.  Email delivery subscribers will receive two links this week, one to the file on our website and to one on a cloud server; and we're also going to email these links to subscribers who normally only have online access.

AW is struggling on with the latest Focus edition, if you have an interest in environmental education or outdoors activities then this one is for you, because of the IT problems we're extending the deadline for advert submissions to noon Tuesday. Send your 50 word free advert direct to Amy on (or if you don't receive a response).  It's due for publication on Monday 19 May, watch out for more information.
It's been a trying week, we ran out of emergency biscuits on Thursday and by Friday had resorted to crunchies and maltesers.The Team thank you for your patience and hope everything will be running smoothly again very soon.

And in other happier news, the return of the swifts! Their distinctive scream was heard on Tuesday for the first time this year and today they have been seen high above the moor.