Happy 2014

We trust you all had a lovely relaxing, refreshing break - however the server logs show that some of  you (not many granted) were on our website on Christmas Day.

Talk about hitting the ground running, we feel as if we're completing a marathon at 100m pace!  It's only Wednesday and HB is already planning her holiday. Jobs adverts keep arriving (which is very good for everyone, keep them coming), we're posting online at a steady rate although the editing team for CJS Weekly is sagging somewhat under the weight of all the ads for the Digest.  There were over 2000 press releases to be filtered through before the first news updates today.
And then, just for fun, the webmaster decided to move the online jobs which languished in the folder with the antiquated name of cjsdailyonline - that's what the online 'publication' used to be called. The main list now has the much more sensible address of: countryside-jobs.com/Jobs so would you all please update your bookmarks?  For now there are redirects on the main pages and all ads are now in two locations so that the shared links will still work.

Right then seconds out round something, I lost count a while ago!