End of week two

And it feels more like end of month two! A few new office protocols are taking a little longer than anticipated and large increase in the number of sources used to create the Digest is highly time consuming.  But we think we're getting there and the second edition of the year has gone to press, digital editions are already available.  This week it's 20 pages with 63 adverts for paid posts, 39 of them direct to CJS plus a further 17 for volunteers.
On my way out to top up the bird feeders this morning I noticed that the late summer / autumn flowering, annual gazanias in the half barrel by the back door are in full flower again, too gloomy for photos but I'll try to get some next week.  The rest of the country may be heading into an early spring but apparently we've reverted to autumn!
HB is making an early dart, tomorrow is the Day of Dance when the village long sword team, the Goathland Plough Stots, will dance around the village outside, not quite every but almost, every house.  HB's house is "support central" providing warmth and dry towels to the wet, cold and soggy, and sustenance to all concerned so she's gone home to finish off the soup which at last count was around 12 gallons (yes, gallons not litres) some made using part of the mega-marrow and other veg from AW's garden. And tomorrow morning she's cooking 40 baked potatoes - well there will be over one hundred dancers and supporters through the kitchen during the day.