Very quickly

because it's hot, we're busy, and slightly distracted.
Meet the new Team members.
Delivery arrived on Saturday.  No, not really by courier, this is - or rather was their bed, they're a little larger now and only just fit in, and have chewed a large hole in the box.
Wearing the fetching red collar is Hester and the smart black collar is Dido, they are 10 weeks old tomorrow. Although currently snoozing they can be somewhat distracting, however, for now they are only infrequent visitors.
Office dog Hebe is not totally sure about them yet, but she's coming round to the potential of two small playmates.
Despite the distractions we have put together a Weekly edition for you, and it's not exactly small either! In fact there are 20 pages this week with 43 adverts for paid posts plus 15 for volunteers and as it's the last edition of the month also Work Days and Conservation Tasks happening next month. Digital editions have just been sent, paper copies are printing and should be ready for 'stuffing' soon.