Going Green

No, I don't mean environmental friendly - we are already (at least I hope we are!). I'm talking about temperatures.  All week it's been yellows and ambers but the metoffice at last gives us cause for hope and are predicting weekend temperatures low enough to be green coloured.
Which is a huge relief, yesterday we left a thermometer onto the office outside windowsill, it read 44 degrees, phew no wonder we're all melting but it did drop down to the mid twenties when we brought it back inside.

The power of twitter.
On Wednesday there was a strange bumblebee-like but not bee-like fly in the garden.  My books didn't know what it was, but then my insect books are not comprehensive (moorland grasses and sphagnum are more my forte). However, I did manage to grab a few photos and posted them onto our twitter feed with a plea for an ID.  It took a day but @biofell came up with an answer, "It looks like Tachina grossa, a moorland and bog species of parasitic fly."
And here's the beast itself:
Not a brilliant photo but it did the trick.  One Wednesday there were two, yesterday just one but at lunch time today four.

The latest CJS Weekly has gone to press, 14 pages this week with 33 adverts for paid posts (21 direct to CJS) plus 10 more for voluntary roles.