Apologies if the flow of news in recent days has been a little stilted and even duplicated. Since we started the news round up we've used various tools to pull it all together but the main one has been google's reader to collate the various press release feeds.  Google has decided to shut down reader on 1 July and since their announcement last month, along with many other reader users, we have been looking for alternatives.  The problem is that google aggregator services are so good virtually all the alternatives use google as their source too.  We've saved and transferred all our feeds to three different providers and are using one, Feedly, as our new main service. Last week they began transferring the data from google to their own servers and had a little bit of problem, they were even more popular than they had bargained for!  so they hit a few snags but it looks like they have fixed the bugs and glitches. However, its possible that there may be more hiding in the system (the gremlins are exceptionally good at hide and seek!) so we're prepared for whatever happens - we think.  With luck you'll never know and we're try to keep the stuttering to minimum.