CJS Focus on Visitor Management & Engagement now published

The latest CJS Focus covers Visitor Management and Engagement and is in affiliation with the Association for Heritage Interpretation. Running to eleven pages the lead article from AHI's Bill Bevan describes outdoor interpretation, some of the different methods and practices used in interpreting outdoor heritage. The Visitor Studies Group discuss the importance of visitor research when planning and managing your visitor attraction. Pembrokeshire Coast NPA provide a case study of their involvement with the group and how joining a body such as VSG has helped to shape their visitor engagement. The 'Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment (MENE)' survey is published by Natural England quarterly, they give information on the latest survey. Pembrokeshire Coast NPA talk about the problems they have had following the extended winter with debris left by enthusiastic sledging visitors to the Preseli Hills and to end 'It's all a Question of Balance in Malham', a piece by the Yorkshire Dales NPA on how they, in collaboration with local authorities and residents, manage this honeypot site. There are also adverts from Interpretation specialists, sign designers and visitor monitoring companies. Read it here