You all know don't you?

KH has been away this week watching a small yellow ball fly around Wimbledon and therefore it has been quiet. I'm not sure what happens but it's always quiet when KH is away, pandemonium next week then. I know you will all be fed up with the weather but it really is something, it's impossible even to cut the grass without leaving giant mud lines and footprints. The silaging teams in the area are having to abandon jobs as the fields just can't cope with the traffic generated by tractors on and off and on and off and on and off a field.
When there's a break in the tennis this weekend KH is going to partake of some water polo, AW is going bog snorkelling in the garden and TB is trying to stop herself and equines from drowning. Only HB will be in the dry watching cars  follow each other round a track (pointless excerise if you ask me but she seems to enjoy it!) She's just told me she's got cricket in Durham tomorrow aswell but somehow I doubt it.

The CJS Weekly has now been stuffed in to envelopes, 14 pages this week with 39 new paid posts of which 32 came direct to CJS, quite a chunk of new training course information and 15 adverts for volunteers.