And then, just for a change, it rained...

but with added extras of thunder and lightning (everybody click SAVE - now, please). Although Wednesday was lovely, yesterday not too bad and we've had a few sightings of the bright alien light bulb today making it quite steamy and jungley out there.  Thin Wol joined us at lunch time and has slept soundly since.
Another busy week in the office, not helped by KH being taken ill in the middle of editing the Monthly, AW & HB stepped in and worked out what, where, when and how so until now no-one was any the wiser. AW is buried in the mountain that will become CJS Focus, it's looking good, so HB's taken over the Weekly again - all change.  They say a change is a good as rest, we're not sure we'd agree, we'd just like the rest please (but that doesn't mean the thunder gods can divert all our 'leccy into lightening bolts, thanks all the same!).
KH is back now and is busy dreaming up new ideas with which to torment the rest of the team - watch for some new rates and new services from CJS next month.
The Weekly is back to large again with plenty of news, seven pages of training calendar (the August courses) along with 63 new paid posts, 43 of which came direct to CJS plus 14 adverts for voluntary posts. printer is running and digital editions are on their way.
So back to it whilst the lights are on.