Friday - again

How did that happen, where did the week go?
Well, fortunately it didn't disappear under a heap of snow.  The rumoured eight inch fall overnight never arrived, there was a covering of approx 3 inches this morning and although the skies looked very threatening no more has fallen and the overnight fall began to melt but as the clouds cleared the sky is now high and blue and temperatures are once again plummeting.
It's coming to something when there's a hen blackbird marching up and down the window sills, even following you from room to room, demanding more food!  No chance of our current flock going hungry.
Small excitement / worry this morning. Part-time office dog Finnegan (the foolish) was so excited by a visitor knocking on the door that he kicked over a table and in the process gouged a hole in his off-hind hock.  A bit of fur clipping, a few bowls of clean water, a large piece of dressing and lots of vetwrap later he's fine and very proud of his fetching green ankle bracelet.  It really is just what you want on a very busy Friday morning, oh well at least we managed to avoid a trip across the snowy moors to the vets.

Deputy Editor TB has broken her all time record and this week has typed up 85 vacancies (not all for this week's Weekly, some are for next week's Focus), her fingers have been worn down to stumps and the keyboard is smoking.  Time for a well earned weekend off.
AW has given the Weekly back to HB today as she's busy working on the Focus, due out next Monday (20th) - so we're dreaming up ways we can change it before we give it back! You'll see that we've already implemented one, we hope you approve.
The latest edition is now online and has gone to print.  This week there are 18 pages containing 86 new paid posts of which 66 came direct to CJS there are also details of 20+ volunteer placements plus six pages of news and comment.