Havest time

It's Goathland's Harvest Festival tonight.  I know that probably seems rather late but our main 'crop' is sheep from the moors and we can't celebrate our harvest home until after the sheep sale which is late September. So tonight the church will be full of grateful parishioners offering thanks for the harvest, although we only have a handful of sheep farmers now most of the community still takes time to join in at least with the 'bun-fight' in the hall afterwards! HB & AW along with their families will be there.

It's been another odd week, along large swathes of the country we lost our broadband connection on Monday, it turns out we were one of the 'luckier' BT customers being reconnected quite quickly (a couple of hours) but it still caused chaos and we seem to have been catching up ever since.

TB is off to a rare breeds show in York today, she's been sent with strict instructions not to leave any bids for the animals for sale tomorrow!  We wonder how many Golden Guernsey goats and assorted chickens might make it to Sleights.

Weather wise it's been strange too, this time last week we were sweltering and today we're considering lighting the wood stove. There are still a few house martins and the odd swallow around, today there was a garden warbler chasing a blue tit off the buggy nibbles feeder. At lunch time we watched a peregrine lazily floating down the valley seemingly un-bothered by the buffeting autumn winds.

One weekly edition has gone to press, 17 pages this week with 67 new paid posts of which 56 came direct to CJS - it's getting busier, we've not had that many jobs since March. Consequently online and email copies are not quite finished but will be with you soon.  Paper editions will be posted out over the weekend as usual.