Wildlife lists

After four unsuccessful attempts to do the Big Butterfly Count (not a single one seen in an hour!) this afternoon a beautiful Red Admiral landed on the office windowsill. So maybe attempt number five will be more successful.
Both Benjamin (Wednesday's Bunny) and Peter have been back and have been enjoying lazing in the sun, we're waiting for Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail!
Is it just us or is there a general green woodpecker population increase? Before this year we'd seen a few in and around the village - never in the garden until earlier this week and they are calling across the garden and field for extended periods of a time. As are the owls, although one youngster sitting outside a bedroom window at 4:30 in the morning was not particularly welcome.
Another new regular to add to the garden list is a garden warbler who has been spotted for the last month or more in the conifers, being a LBJ it's taken several visits to get a positive ID but we think we've pinned it down.
In between bouts of wildlife watching we have put together this week's edition. It's now online and for the first time emailed to all digital subscribers; initial emails are sent with a direct download link.  Feedback on the emails most welcome.
This week you've got 34 new jobs (24 direct to CJS) and an additional 24 volunteer placements.