Is it bedtime yet?

I really hope so. It's been one of those days.
Sub-Ed has changed hats and has spent the week being the Chairman, Secretary, overseer, multiple entrant etc for the Goathland Flower and Vegetable Show which is tomorrow.  So her week has passed in a daze of prize cards, rosettes, schedules, judges lunches then yesterday and today were spent up to her elbows in flour, several tonnes.The CJS Team soldiered on manfully not doing anything too complicated - well nothing drastic anyway.
So being a smaller than usual team we made an early start on today (like last night) which was a good job as this morning occasional office dog Finnegan developed the worst gastroenteritis imaginable, for the second time in three weeks - and required emergency Vet treatment (wussish Irish Wolfhounds require two handlers!) which left the office severely short staffed and then it turned out to be the busiest Friday for over a month. Oh well. Almost there now.
Digital editions of CJS Weekly are online now and emails sent so you should all be aware that there are 12 pages including a round up of the North Sea Oil Spill in the news section along with 36 new paid posts, 25 of which came direct to CJS also 14 volunteer placements.  Postal editions are printed and almost ready for dispatch.
On the good news front, this morning there was a squadron of swifts screaming overhead, so perhaps they've not left us yet after all.

Now what are we putting in the show, time to go and decimate the garden looking for something not too rain battered - we'll let you know the results next week, keep your fingers crossed for HB's baking and KH's sweet peas.