Isn't it quiet?

Not just in the office but outside too, it's a quiet as Christmas but it's sunny (ish) and whilst it's not warm it's not really cold either,all you can hear from the back step is the wind in the trees and chorus of bird song rather than the usual hum of coaches, cars and people, it's actually really wonderful.  Everyone is glued to the television watching the wedding (which was lovely), even my computer has been caught up in the excitement and its little gremlins have overdone the celebratory fizz - well, I think that's why it's been misbehaving, I could be wrong but I have this vision of the inside of the box bedecked with the last few centimetres of bunting in the country, decorated with dormouse crafted origami figurines and small gremlins in party hats with befuddled expressions pressing all the wrong buttons and connecting the wrong plug-ins. (Sorry, that's what a diet of Terry Pratchett and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue does for you).
Despite the misbehaving machinery it's been so quiet today, well all week really, that Monday's edition of CJS Weekly is done and dusted and will very shortly be put in the envelopes for the Postie to collect.  The digital editions are already live; it's a little one this week, just seven pages with 34 new paid posts of which 29 came direct. 
Enjoy the rest of your long weekend, remember we're having Monday off but will be back on Tuesday as usual.