Snow and a Weekly.

One word. SNOW.

Need we say more?

At least it's brought lots of birds into the garden including a couple of redwings. But it's causing problems for the office staff, being in a small village on the moors the office is pretty much inaccessible to vehicles, a large 4x4 got well and truly stuck on the lane this morning and created lots of very deep ruts and skid patches whilst getting out again. For the duration the office is staffed by those of us who can walk in although other team members are doing vital work from home so as long as the power and phone lines hold we'll be fine.
We have been busy taking photos and when we have five minutes we'll upload a few.

Despite this the office opened as usual and the first copy of CJS Weekly has been sent to print. The digital version is already online, the postal one will be with you - well maybe Monday but the white stuff will have a lot say about that. The week it's 11 pages with 72 new paid posts of which 53 came direct to CJS.