End of a very long week - almost

It's been a very trying week, the website disappeared and then reappeared, then emails were being held for hours but at last (say it very quietly) we think it's all fixed and we're back to full capacity. A bit of a backlog but we're getting there. CJS Weekly, the first of February already would you believe, is now rolling off the presses and is being posted online whilst outside the window someone is bursting pillows and throwing the feathers all around -no, not really, it's snowing again but it looks just like we're in the middle of a particularly destructive pillow fight. The fourth CJS Weekly edition of the year is 10 pages containing 83 new paid posts of which 68 came direct to CJS. Not many ads for volunteers this week as next week the Focus on Volunteering will be included with your copy, this one looks rather large.