Weekly update

The first marsh tit was seen around and about this week and the feeders have been overflowing with birds. The goldfinches squabble for space, the tits queue up patiently and wait their turn and the spuggies hoover up whatever drops and the dogs clear up anything they miss.

It's been interesting with the threatened and now happening postal strikes, a huge heap of mail on Tuesday then very little and of course today nothing. There are reported delays to 40% of mail according to Royal Mail. CJS Weekly is printing and will be dispatched from here as usual, collection is due tomorrow (and should happen) but it's bound to get stuck in the back log. So don't forget if your copy is one of the many stuck in a heap somewhere you can contact us to obtain an electronic one. This week there are 74 new paid posts, 45 direct to CJS over 11 pages.