More Royal Mail news

Ok, after a hurriedly scrambled staff meeting emergency plans are now in place and will be implemented as and when required.
For digital readers there will be very little change but even so there will be an indirect knock on effect which affects CJS in general and therefore digital subscribers.
First, we receive many publications by post and these will inevitably be late / not arrive which may result in a reduced digest section of CJS Weekly.
Second, subscriptions by post will be delayed both to you from us and any subs you send to us. For the duration we recommend that you subscribe online or over the phone.
And third, a major headache for us but not so much for readers will be the accounts - invoices and remittances sent by post, this is bound to cause untold problems ( a cheque sent to The Independent in London on 17/9 has still not been received so what will a complete walkout cause?).

What can you do? Please be patient, we do have plans to make sure as many of you as possible receive your copies; we will let you know when they're implemented and we'll try to keep you up to date with events here.

When the strike dates are announced, probably on Monday, we'll look at exactly how long the strikes will last and then we'll let you know exactly how what's going to happen with CJS.

All, in all then, more work, longer hours and frazzled CJS staff. Thanks a lot CWU.

PS who's buying the chocolate biscuits this time??