Tuesdays are normally good days

but not today.
Started first thing when I threw a full mug of tea all over the papers, my desk, the dogs, me, the keyboard. We were stunned into immobility as the tea dripped into the floor, fortunately the dogs were not so slow on the uptake and started cleaning up the floor. Several towels later and the spillage was mostly mopped up and now we're all dried up.
Then we put through the card details to take payment for an advert and forgot to bill the VAT, so had to do it again. Plus a few rather odd emails and a couple of slow running computers.
Hebe (the juniorist of office dogs) has a queasy tum on account of the large quantities of butter she stole. So far that's it but we're just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

On the positive side a charm of goldfinches arrived on the feeders this morning and a family of long tailed tits has just left. Which means winter is just around the corner, lovely for those who relish the cold and pretty gloomy for the hot house flowers who are quietly shrivelling at the hint of impending chill.