4 & 20 blackbirds

No, not baked in a pie but all over the garden. Just been to make afternoon coffee (a little late in the day but hey it's Friday and in the CJS office that means furrowed brows and smoking keyboards) and looking out of the kitchen window the lawn is covered in blackbirds somewhere between 12 and 18 at a quick count. One brood have a very distinctive paler head, almost fawn on some of the females; another lot appear to be wearing collars. There's no difference in the food available, still nuts and a sunflower mix plus the off windfall plum although not too many because the Labradors hoover them up (and in Hebe's case pick them from the tree). Any ideas for the sudden flock?
Earlier this week the nuthatch put in it's first appearance for quite a while.
Brows are not quite so furrowed as CJS Weekly has now gone to print, a small seven sides, not bad after the Bank Holiday (and IT problems) there are 57 new paid posts, 39 direct to CJS.