Any budding photographers out there?
If you've any photos of British wildlife you might like to enter them into a new competition, you could win up to £5,000 and see your work exhibited around the country. We're sponsoring the Habitat category of the British Wildlife Photography Awards, other categories are sponsored by organisations such as WWF and Natural England. The Wildlife Trusts, National Trust and National Trust for Scotland are also supporting the awards which were launched on Wednesday. Click on the link for more info.
After the excitement of the reappearance of the Owl and arrival of a noctule bat the wildlife spotting died down a bit but the first tortoiseshell butterfly was seen yesterday and the first swallows int he area have been reported in the local paper.
But on to more mundane things, like CJS Weekly. Which is now rolling off the printers, 11 pages this week with a monster 186 new paid posts, of which 126 were sent direct to CJS, there are also a couple of pages of voluntary posts. Don't forget that although next week is Easter CJS rumbles on as usual so digital copies will be available on Friday but paper editions will be a day or two late (thanks Royal Mail).