Good heavens

It's Easter (or Eostre if you prefer) already. Where is the year going? Well Easter or not we're still here bashing out your copies of CJS. The big printer is still not mended, "we've not seen that before", they said! The engineers are talking to their next up who's talking to the manufacturers. Someone will contact us early next week to let us know the next step - I think it's new machinery time but that why we lease and don't buy so it's their problem and not ours (except for not being to print colour properly so we have to use the other smaller printers and it takes for ever).
In the mean time this week's edition is (fortunately) all in black and white and is even now falling off the printers, it's 12 pages this week containing 88 new paid posts, 57 of which came direct to CJS. The digital version will shortly be online and the paper editions will be collected by Royal Mail tomorrow for delivery on Tuesday (Monday being a Bank Holiday).
First swallow in the village has been sighted by AW's father-in-law this morning. The field in front of the office has had ewes for a few days, this morning the first lambs were born, spring is here and summer is just around the corner (yes, we know one swallow does not a summer make).
Have a good Easter, we'll be here on Monday and there are a few jobs booked for the website.