Weekly update.

Our house martins have fledged this week and have been whizzing around after the multitude of midges but in the last couple of days have not been seen as often. The swallows have been gathering in great groups too. But at least it stopped raining and the sun came out yesterday so everything was steaming although with clear skies and a brisk wind everything has been drying out remarkably well – but the forecast for the weekend includes lots of rain and even some thunder thrown in for good measure, so enjoy it while it lasts.
Despite the vagaries of the weather CJS rolls on as normal and is now rolling off the printer. This week's edition is seven pages long containing 53 new paid posts of which 39 came direct to CJS. It's one of the smallest for a while which we think is partly due to the end of the summer holidays (including the Bank Holiday on Monday). There's also a bit of trend towards fewer vacancies which we're blaming on the credit crunch with people less willing / less able to move job or house. However CJS still receives a respectable 50+% direct from the employer, this week it's ¾ direct.
Blogger-in-chief is out of the office next week, officially on gardening leave (the real sort, done with a spade and hoe) but the garden is still sodden and any work on the soil will probably only make the damage even worse so maybe virtual gardening and plant-buying trips instead.