I think we're going to change our business emphasis and start selling wellies and waders (the boot type not the birds). Free copy of CJS with every boot – or perhaps the other way round, galoshes with every CJS - what do you think?
This week's edition is somewhat smaller than last, no training or Special Edition but it's still a respectable 10 pages with 59 new paid posts 41 of which came direct to us here at CJS, that an impressive 70%. It is now printing and will be online shortly. Postal copies will arrive on Tuesday, due to the Bank Holiday on Monday.
The show did go ahead but we couldn't get there – literally, the roads were littered with abandoned (allegedly parked) cars. Reports from those did manage to get there say the field used as the car park was accessible to 4x4s only, and even then the gate posts would cause problems for some. In places the show field itself would have done Glastonbury proud and entries were significantly down. So after slaloming around vehicles and dodging stuck horseboxes it was decided that retreat was the better part of valour. Such a shame but we're not the only ones to have problems. The Ebor race meeting at York was abandoned as have been lots of other smaller events. And it's still raining… Now do we list any courses on boat building?