What is that…?

Any guesses? This week we've had some unbelievable weather, temperatures down to -12C, rarely above freezing even at midday. On Tuesday and Wednesday there was this wonderful hoar frost (which I called rime but no one else knew what I was talking about!) This is actually the frost on some chicken wire, taken before the camera packed up working because it was so cold.

And then on Thursday it all changed and now it's warm and mild with a +10 temperature at 10.30 last night!

The woodstove has done a brilliant job of keeping everyone warm enough to type and the Weekly edition is now printing and all being well will be with you on Monday by post or for online readers it's there already. It is a bit smaller than last week at 14 sides containing 104 new paid posts of which 56 came direct to CJS.

And finally as they say, the blogger-in-chief is having some time off next week so please check the main CJS news release page.