CJS Special Edition, Monthly and Weekly publications.

It's been a busy old week, with a monster CJS Monthly on Tuesday, 11 pages long making it one of the largest for quite a while. This was the first time we used the new mailing system and sent a large proportion electronically but it seems to have worked quite well.

Then we've been working on putting together the latest quarterly Special Edition which this time features volunteer work and again it's the largest we've produced at 23 pages long. And last but not least today is CJS Weekly deadline and guess what? Yes, that right it's another huge one at 16 pages long plus a further three for the March training calendar. This week's edition contains 114 new paid posts of which 71 (that's 2/3rds) came direct to CJS. It's going to a mighty thump when this little lot lands on your doormat on Monday morning!