26 July 2007

No Broadband....

eek - We came in this morning and turned on the machinery and were met with a barage of error messages and can't do it messages. Restarted everything, unplugged and replugged the tangle of electric spaghetti and still nothing. BT say it's an 'inexplicable problem' which when we asked for a translation means it's probably at their end rather than ours - phew. It's been passsed to engineers who will report back within four hours which being charitable means by 2pm today.
However, our only connection with cyberspace is now a laptop on a slow dial-up connection. Basic services are running but so much else has ground to halt. AW has just asked, "However, did we manage before the internet?" Oh, I remember those days, it was so much more leisurely and I'm sure we used less paper!