3000 and counting

Monday's edition of CJS Weekly contains the 3000th paid UK post advertised since January.

There's a big, bright light in the sky and the sky's gone a funny colour – I think it's called blue!!
The ground's still wet (and it has rained for over two hours today, still you can't have everything), the garden's awash, the rivers are running but not as high as they were so perhaps an end is in sight – yes, it's called Wimbledon Finals weekend…

It's been a busy week again, we had interviews all day for a new team member on Tuesday and we think we've found a square peg for our square hole so we'll soon be able to ease off a little as our new member learns the ropes. As it's Friday the printers are rolling, Monday's edition is 10 sides long containing 79 new paid vacancies of which 34 were sent direct.