The role of Nature in managing Stress: In Everyday Life and Beyond - Stress Awareness Month

a wall with vegetation looking out to a patchwork of fields on a summers day. a sign says take a breath. Text reads: The role of nature in managing stress in everyday life and beyond
Modern living and working is associated with a variety of stressors. For example, environmental stressors such as air and noise pollution, lifestyle stressors like being sedentary and spending more time indoors, and personal stressors including the impact of the cost-of-living crisis. These modern-day stressors in conjunction with changes to our living environments being very urban and having a ‘nature-deficit’, have been linked with chronic stress and mental ill-health. 

This #StressAwarenessMonth The University of York has gone in-depth with our newest featured article about the role of nature in managing stress in our daily lives. 

To see just how many studies are now proving this to be true, head here