Esmée Fairbairn Foundation - addressing a lack of diversity in the Environment Sector

The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation is interested in hearing about any work happening that encourages more people – from different backgrounds – to work in the environment sector across the UK.

Many communities are under-represented in the environment sector’s workforce. What is being done – and what more could be done – to encourage a broader range of people to apply for careers in this vibrant sector? Have you experienced any challenges in recruitment? Equally, have you found it hard to find employment?

  • Have you done any work to broaden your reach?
  • Have you come across any projects or programmes that have worked well to engage a broad section of potential applicants?
  • Would you be interested in doing more – if so, what’s stopping you?

We are particularly interested in hearing more about the following:

  • Entry points for a broader range of people to find work in the environment sector, for example careers advice, placements, targeted recruitment. 
  • Examples of facilitating progression and the talent pipeline, such as mentoring, fellowships and leadership programmes, job platforms, support networks. 
  • Examples of where barriers have been removed, for example consultancy support to employers, good practice webinars, celebrating progress, training for HR professionals, community of practice

We’ve produced two short surveys. One for NGOs at and one for smaller organisations and individuals here 

It would be great if you could complete the survey before 28 July