First CJS Weekly of the year all done - phew!

Well that's it Christmas is well and truly over, twelfth night was yesterday so all your decorations should be down and packaged away safely until December. As usual the first working week of the year proved to be a hectic one here at CJS, however the first CJS Weekly of 2023 has been published today. Subscribers should see their copy in the inbox very soon.

As ever it's a huge edition with over 100 ads including 91 for paid jobs, one for a freelance contract and one for a trainee plus 15 adverts for volunteers, the unique CJS Digest with details of 2 more jobs - you won't find these anywhere else within CJS. In addition to all the jobs information there's the news from the week and also from across the Christmas break and this week's feature article is about the wonderful Our Bright Futures programme looking at how it has boosted young people's career aspirations.

Subscribers also get early access to certain features, which this week includes the next calendar of Training Courses and details of updates to the online Training Directory.

If you want to get all this in your inbox every Friday it's easy to sign up and it's only 50p per week or free if you're a student or recently graduated.

This week's edition also includes the handy CJS A4 wall calendar which this year features a cheery bright daisy and bumblebee to brighten up your office wall and keep you updated on CJS editions and deadlines for the year, you don't have to be a subscriber to get a copy, you can downloadthe PDF here.