Countryside Jobs Service is a name you can trust

It's World Intellectual Property Day

Other than a vague legal term what exactly is it? Put simply Intellectual Property (or IP) is the right to own your creation and idea.  Which seems a rather strange thing to mention except of course without that bright spark of an idea businesses, including CJS, would never come into existence and protecting that idea and everything that follows is an important way of keeping your idea yours and allowing your business to grow, develop and succeed.

CJS has been around for over 25 years and there have been many imitators (sincerest form of flattery?) but none that quite match despite many attempts. After a couple of quite blatant attempts to copy everything that CJS does, including the name we decided that it was time to protect Countryside Jobs Service and applied to register the CJS name, the logo and a couple of other uniquely CJS trademarks like CJS Weekly.  Anyone can trademark their name and use the TM symbol but to convert it to a registered trademark (®) is a long drawn out legal process of proving that you are unique and/or the first in your field, that the things you want to trademark are unique to you and deserving of being registered which, in turn confers on the business a level of respectability and trustworthiness.

With 20 years of evidence of use and testimonials from clients (people who have paid to use our services) and colleagues, after several months of back and forth creating a witness statement and compiling the evidence that we really are who we say we are and we have the right to claim the trademarks for our exclusive use, we finally obtained the right to use the little R that hovers just above the name. It also gives us the right to take legal action against anyone who uses our brand without permission ensuring that when you see CJS you know it really is something from the CJS Team and all that you know we stand for.

All registered trademarks are held on the Government's Intellectual Property Office register, you can search it here:

And here is the register entry for the CJS logo.

Countryside Jobs Service is a business you can trust - and we have the ®ight paperwork to prove it!