Welsh Wildlife during lockdown ‐ survey reveals how nature responded

Mountain biodiversity is the theme of this year’s #InternationalMountainDay, so let's celebrate their rich biodiversity, as well as address the threats they face. 

The lockdown brought about in the spring, led to changes in wildlife behaviour. Before the lifting of lockdown measures in early July, Natural Resources Wales, the National Trust and the Snowdonia National Park Authority came together to contract a specialist to undertake surveys across seven sites, to assess exactly what was going on and how nature had responded to these unprecedented events. 

A remarkable diversity of plants was recorded along usually well‐trodden paths – such as the mossy saxifrage, wild thyme and stagshorn clubmoss in abundance on the ascent from Cwm Idwal.

At all three of the lowland sites surveyed, nesting birds were found in places where they most likely would not have been in usual circumstances.

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