GoParks.London: A treasure trove of healing emerald and golden gems

When it comes to the issue of access to green space, London is in a league of its own. The Office for National Statistics [ONS] claims about one in five households in the capital don’t have access to a private garden and even where they do, garden sizes are smaller than the national average. In London, the median garden size is 140m2 compared with 188m2 across the rest of Great Britain. The ONS went on to say, “the average park in Great Britain serves just under 2,000 people, although some parks in densely populated areas cater for many more. Around 46,000 people have Clapham Common as their nearest park, more than 20 times the average.”

Parks became and remain a constant during the pandemic. Fields or spaces of tranquillity and near normality. One of the few places where you can imagine nothing has changed. Find out more from GoParks.London here